All The Things of The Sex Doll You Are Interested in(Part 4)

TPE sex doll is popular because of three penetrations different from other dolls. It includes vaginal, anus and oral. All of these are realistic with special textures. Like the vagina, it is made up of labia and clit. The interior tunnel has the bump textures. You can choose the built-in type or removable type. Both are good for accommodating the penis. It provides a real feeling to enjoy the sexual pleasures.

In real life, your female partner perhaps won’t accept the anal penetration. In particular, if you have a super thick penis, your partner will feel scared that the anal will be torn up. But the sex doll is always ready well for a great sex experience.

The sex doll mouth is amazing. You can put your penis into her mouth totally. It does well to simulate the oral intercourse. When the softer TPE mouth sucks your penis, you will forget any discomfort. And due to the special head structure, the route of the penis in the mouth is through uphill instead of straight towards the back.

Whatever penetrations you prefer to practice, it is helpful to use the lube. Dry rubbing will make you feel not good, and also it probably defects the interior.

To be continued……