All The Things of The Sex Doll You Are Interested in(Part 3)

The realistic sex doll has the ideal body shape that most females envy. The designer gives her some details molding, contouring her waist curves, especially her firm abs. It is very natural and realistic. Like the nipples, the navel also looks very amazing. It is not easy to away from such sexy beauty.

But even more wonderful, the sex doll back is not rough flat. It has the beautiful curves. There is a natural cavity in the position of waist. It has good fits with the metal spine. If you want a cuddle, the sex doll will comfort you too much.

Speak of the arm of the sex doll, you can not believe that she can bend the joint like a real woman. It can be achieved that putting her arms around your shoulders. But extend to the fingers, it is some weak metal fake bones instead of the big skeleton. Thus, don’t expect it can seize heavy objects.

Well, what do you think of the sex doll leg? Will you be satisfied if she can display various postures? Yes, the sex doll will be changeable due to the bendable joint.

To be continued……