All The Things of The Sex Doll You Are Interested in (Part 1)

We were moved with admiration at the crafts of the lifelike sex doll. They look real no matter in the face or the body features. Thanks to the TPE materials character, when we touch the love doll, the soft body brings ultimate comfortable experience. If you squeeze the sex doll chin, you will clearly find the oral cavity was textured in the interior. The design is simulated the real blowjob experience. The sex doll is irresistible that you will enjoy the pleasure at the crazy night. Don’t forget to smear some lubrication for better feel.

sexrealdoll-sex doll head for replacement

The bolt assembly connects the sex doll head and body. The nut in the bottom of the chin will mate to the screw in the neck. When you turn and tighten the head, you should align the hole in case head-tilt. Be careful that the connection position must not touch the water when you have bathed with the doll. Otherwise, it will affect the real doll life once the water flows to the doll inside along with the bolt.

To be continue……