It was promoted as the first personality doll brothel in North America

North America’s first personality doll brothel – customers can pay for sex with high-tech silicone models – expected to open in a low-key strip mall square at the northern end of Toronto early next month. The Aura Dolls website claims to be “the first well-known ‘brothel’ in North America, providing sexual services to the world’s most beautiful silicone ladies,” claiming competitors’ businesses.

These types of stores are becoming more and more popular in Japan. These dolls are designed to achieve male fantasies and even violent fantasies. They try to focus on the fact that since they provide this service to those who have these dark, violent fantasies, rather than strongly demanding positive action, they can do something for everyone. All things are safe. The company believes that they “help reduce sex-related crime rates, improve sexual life in marriage, and most importantly, allow men and women to explore sexual desire in a safe, non-judgmental way. The doll’s personal time can be The company’s website found that ranging from a sex doll to $80 to $80 to two four-hours of $960. For a grand opening, Aura Dolls offers a 25% discount on all listing prices and will soon offer a monthly package.