After the closure of Denmark, the sales of sex toys doubled in the first week of April

According to Reuters, Denmark announced the closure of the city on March 11. In order to spend a boring time at home, many Danes chose to increase the love of couples.

According to the statistics of “Sinful”, the largest seller of sex toys in Northern Europe, sales of sex toys increased by 110% in the first week of April.

Mathilde Mackowski, the company’s operator, said: “At a difficult time when people feel vulnerable, I think our company’s products provide good comfort for people.”

Denmark’s largest sex toy review site “” said that during the closure of the city, the site’s visitor traffic has more than tripled compared to the same period last year.

Mackey said: “I think when we have to spend more time together, it is natural to want a little more fun. In this difficult time, we should take care of each other, including sex.”

“Sinful” sex toys have a market share of three quarters in Denmark and are also sold to neighboring countries, including Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Recently, the company’s overseas orders have also increased significantly, with 1,500 parcels to be delivered.

The level of sales of sex toys reflects the Danish idea. In fact, in the early days when the city was just announced, no one thought of sex toys, sales declined, and sales growth did not appear until early April.

McSkey said: “This may be because, in the early days of the closure of the city, all of us panicked, thinking of buying daily necessities, such as food or toilet paper and toothpaste. But after a while, everyone did not Panicked, the love between the couple began.”

In the statistics of the happiness index over the years, Denmark is ranked first and second, and it can be said to be one of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark is considered to have the most avant-garde concept and its progressive laws. For example, they were legalized by customs in 1969, earlier than most European countries.

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