The rise and popularity of TPE elastomer dolls in recent years

Early sex toys are mostly made of PVC. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the world’s largest production of plastic products, cheap, widely used. It adds plasticizer, can be made into a variety of hard, soft and transparent products, so it has been widely used in vibrators, aircraft cups and other toys. However, due to the addition of plasticizer there are many substandard phenomenon, many unscrupulous small factories will use the body harmful plasticizer, so PVC gradually replaced by TPE and other materials, few products are still using PVC materials.

Soft rubber TPE is an environmentally friendly material, which contains no phthalates and salts, halogens, nonylphenol and PAHs, and complies with relevant testing standards of ROHS,REACH and EN71-3.

Soft and comfortable touch is an important somatosensors characteristic of TPE, especially the super soft and hard TPE, which provides a realistic experience simulating the soft touch of human skin. In this respect, traditional TPE and TPR adult products, such as dildo, airplane cup, vibration ring, etc., are no longer unfamiliar, and the rise and popularity of physical dolls in recent years has made TPE famous. Of course, this kind of solid doll is usually formed by pouring process, and the raw material is usually mixed with oil powder, rather than soft TPE particles.

The hardness of the elastomer TPE can be adjusted almost at will, and its color can be configured to achieve the color of human skin. Through the addition of flavoring agents and special processing technology, it can even simulate the realistic hand fingerprint effect. The selection of TPE materials is only a relatively simple step to produce realistic mannequin products. Product structure design and production process, is the most important. At the beginning of production, it is often not up to the requirements, need to repeatedly grope, the experiment can gradually approach the required effect.

In addition to sex toys and physical dolls, TPE has been more widely used in display props, Barbie dolls, medical teaching models and human skin masks in recent years. Product processing method to injection or pouring – based. For some human display props, in addition to the choice of raw materials, product skeleton design is more important, so as to have the effect of close to real people activities.

Basic properties of TPE soft adhesive for use in adult products

  1. Super soft hardness and contact effect similar to the soft touch of human skin; TPE soft adhesive is a modified material, which can adjust its hardness to the softness of human skin.
  2. Strong tensile strength and elongation at break. TPE is a modified material of thermoplastic rubber with high tensile and tensile elongation of rubber, excellent elongation, and the finished product is not prone to fracture during use.
  3. Non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly. TPE soft adhesive is environmentally friendly, odorless and has no side effects on human skin. TPE adult products special soft and hard TPE materials, hardness of 0 degree, 3 degree, 5 degree, 8 degree, 10 degree, 15 degree material.

TPE elastomers for adult grade

High transparent plastic particles, high stretch and high resilience, non-toxic and odorless, can be directly injection molding processing.

There are two types of TPE colloids used in the production of adult/sex toys

  1. TPE elastomer granule for adult — particle type. The appearance is transparent or opaque, and the hardness ranges from Shore A0 to 15 degrees. This kind of special soft TPE adhesive is usually processed by ordinary injection molding machine.
  2. TPE elastomer granule – Adult product grade – powder filled with oil. It is generally applicable to ultra-soft products whose hardness is lower than ShoreA0 degree. The powder raw material is mixed with rubber oil to form a similar paste. Such raw materials generally need special equipment (glue melting machine) before the processing and forming of molten liquid, then the liquid hot into the prepared mold, for the liquid filled with the cavity, for cooling, the finished product. Glue melting machine melting temperature is generally in 130~150 degrees, and the processing process is usually called pouring or pouring molding.

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