6 manifestations of men in their “menstrual period”: love to be angry and smoke

Men also have a menstrual period, which is more annoying than the soul of a poet, and more difficult to deal with than a mess after a meal. For them, every certain period of time, there will always be a few days of emotional fluctuations, and even physical discomfort. Medical experts call it a male “low ebb” phenomenon, and some doctors jokingly call it a male “physiological” phenomenon. period”. This is actually a change in biological rhythm, the result of changes in hormone levels. It’s just that some people have obvious rhythms, while others are not. Take a look at how men behave when their menstrual period comes.

   1. Fidgeting

   When a man’s menstrual period comes, he will show restlessness. You ask him what happened, and he says that he doesn’t want to talk, and it keeps you confused. Fidgeting is a manifestation of a man’s inner anxiety. He doesn’t know why he is upset, but he just can’t control himself.

   2. I don’t know what I’m going to do

   For a period of time, men didn’t know what they were going to do or what they needed. He always sits and reads books, but he always flips through the books; or when he watches TV, he tunes in the TV station, and he can’t find what he wants to watch. When going out to eat or go shopping, he also seems undecided, who is usually very assertive, so you can choose for yourself.

   A man during his menstrual period does not understand himself, and it is more difficult to understand others, so don’t let him make up his mind, let him stop for a while.

   3. Indifference

   He suddenly became cold, even indifferent, and didn’t take the initiative to speak when he saw you. When you try to get close to him, he feels uncomfortable and will give you a bad face, thinking that you have influenced him.

   He disappeared, who was usually active and attentive, and became indifferent as if he could not see you. Let him be quiet, don’t disturb him, the menstrual period will pass.

   4. Slurred speech

   You only need to be careful and you will find that for a period of time, the rhythm and intonation of a man’s speech become uneven, his voice is low, his speech is slurred, and may even be accompanied by stuttering. Don’t think that he has become stupid because of some shock. In fact, it is just the most common period of menstruation.

   When a man is in his menstrual period, his nerves will become tense inexplicably, and his words will change in a tense situation, but don’t think that he has done anything to sorry you.

   5. Get angry

  He usually takes good care of you, prevents you from being wrong at all, and does not let you shed a tear. However, he has changed. He gets angry from time to time or is worried about some inexplicable little things. The cheerful smile could no longer appear on his face, and he was frowning all day long.

   During the menstrual period, a man will have an endless fire in his heart. A little trivial matter can become the fuse, igniting the raging fire in his heart, and become angry.

  6. ​​Smoke

   Men always regard smoking and drinking as the best remedy for worry. When they feel unhappy, they either go out to drink and have fun with their friends, or they smoke suffocated cigarettes by themselves, and they are breathing heavily from time to time.

   He hopes to get out of the trough of his menstrual period as soon as possible and restore his optimistic self as soon as possible, but he hasn’t managed to cope with it yet, so he smokes sullen cigarettes and tries his best.

   If you don’t understand your husband’s psychological cycle, you are likely to suffer inexplicable emotional shocks at this time. You will find that without any obvious reason, the beloved man will suddenly alienate himself every once in a while.

   He seems to be very cold, even unwilling to talk to you, always hides aside, or reads books, or watches TV. When you try to get close to your husband, his reaction can be unacceptable. He would dodge and even loudly say: “Go away and let me be quiet for a while.” If you think that love is over, you are wrong. In fact, this is the periodic emotional disengagement caused by men under the effect of psychological “period”, and it is neither his fault nor yours.

   When the husband’s mental cycle comes, his wife should not try to bring him back. Women should use this time to do things that they wanted to do, give him freedom, and let him drift out of your attention. After those few days, he will come back by himself.

   You need to let your husband feel the rich meaning of life, and don’t let him focus entirely on his career gains and losses. If you want your husband to realize that there are many other fun and goals in life besides success and fame, the best way is for the wife to use her own drive to let her husband try as many leisure and entertainment methods as possible, whether it is traveling, fitness, collecting, or piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Can achieve this goal.

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