Your smart girlfriend is online

Since the first sex culture festival was held in 2003, each exhibition has gathered hundreds of high-quality brands at home and abroad. As of the successful completion of the latest exhibition, the brand influence and product quality of each exhibitor’s products have been continuously improved.

Thanks to the technological progress of the times and the increasing opening of ideas and concepts, adult toys are gradually changing from the initial “talking about sex” to today’s “talking about sex freely”. The most concerned about each exhibition is the “physical doll” exhibition. In the field, since the first generation of inflatable dolls came out, the level of doll manufacturing can be described by leaps and bounds, and the level of stimulation has reached a human-like level.

In the past 2019 sex culture exhibition, there have been many eye-catching “shes” with snow-like skin, long black hair with a shawl, big eyes, and smallmouth, and even winks at you. Talking to turn around, this is the “smart girlfriend” developed by a domestic company, and the first appearance of the domestic “smart girlfriend” can be traced back to 2016. Novel products are always attracting attention, but because of technical limitations and expensive, The selling price not only discourages some exhibitors but also countless baby friends.

In fact, foreign manufacturers started to research and develop smart physical dolls as early as 2007, and in 2017, the well-known big manufacturer Abyss produced and developed a smart physical doll called “Harmony” with the help of AI technology and machines. Programming support has been able to make some human responses.
Smart sensor

The AI-designed physical doll has an intelligent human sensor, which can easily respond to your touch. By touching her preset body sensors located in various parts, she gives voice feedback in different tones according to the degree of excitement affected by the intensity of the touch, and her response is the same as that of ordinary women.

Simulated body temperature

Artificial intelligence technology enables the doll to be automatically heated to 37°C to adapt to the temperature of real women. The merchant will provide users with a battery heating function. When you need to use the battery, insert the battery into the connection port on the side of the doll’s body. The wiring inside the doll’s body will start to heat from the inside out. When it reaches the body temperature, it will open and block The function guarantee will not damage the internal device structure of the doll.

Polymer Materials

Smart dolls use more advanced polymer thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone materials. Whether it is the surface skin or the built-in private parts, it has the characteristics of softness, better elasticity, less oil output, and no peculiar smell. Equipped with Anti-electric shock, fire, and explosion protection measures.

At present, smart physical dolls on the market are still not universal. The main reason for the restriction is the cost of technology and production. The “harmonious” selling price ranges from 1 to 5W US dollars. The smart dolls developed by the domestic high-end brand SEXREALDOLL The price of a mini sex doll is more than tens of thousands.