You need to know about the physical dolls

Things you can’t help but know about physical dolls. As a result of silica gel entity doll is the last two years just walked into our life, and there are a lot of people are the first time to hear, so the understanding of the entity doll there is a big shortage, small make up for everyone to popularize the material material and maintenance of the knowledge of the physical doll, hope to help the majority of baby friends.

One, about skin material

Physical doll material is made from a new polymer material TPE refined, the English name is: Cyberskin. This material is non-toxic and tasteless, the hardness is below the A0 degrees, the tensile strength is more than 6 times. It is as smooth and delicate as human skin, soft and elastic. It conforms to the relevant safety standards stipulated by the state and has no toxicity to human body and environment.

Two, about the skeleton material

Physical doll body for the stainless steel metal skeleton and the installation of various metal joints, can be played out in a range of a variety of postures, to meet the personal interests of your baby friends. During the production of the solid doll, the internal bone joints were fixed, and screws were fixed in the soles of the feet and lower legs. After treatment, there were slight modification marks, which was an inevitable normal phenomenon.

Three, points for attention

1, please do not use sharp tools to scratch the surface of the doll, can not be too hard kneading to avoid damage to the surface of the doll skin, affect the use time and beautiful.

2,Avoid wearing clothes that are easy to fade or have poor coloring technology, so as to avoid contaminating the real doll, and it will be difficult to wash the dyed real doll. Recommend baby friends to doll to buy clothes, wash well first, and then to doll wear. (PS: jeans are easy to fade, baby friends must pay attention!)

3, please do not put the physical doll with ink substances, such as newspapers and magazines. Do not place with dark clothing or leather fabrics that contain oil-soluble pigments to avoid contaminating the skin of the actual doll.

4,Do not put it in direct sunlight for a long time, which will easily cause skin aging and yellowing and affect the use time.

5, when the body doll posture factory for the straight body posture. Do not let the physical doll for a long time to put difficult bending posture, so as not to make a certain skin for a long time due to the deformation and damage.

6,If there are indentation or strangulation marks on the surface of the doll after a long time of extrusion, a clean, traceless white cloth can be used to wet it with water, and then a hot air blowing on the surface of the cloth, and the indentation will disappear after a period of time.

7, after a long time of display, the surface area of the doll has dust and dirt, use general detergent can be cleaned, such as washing powder. If meet stubborn besmear usable washing powder dips in a few clear water to scrub directly, get rid of more easily. But should avoid to use fingernail to scratch the skin of solid doll vigorously. After washing the solid doll and other surface moisture dry, will feel powder (can be replaced by ordinary prickly heat powder) evenly daub in the surface layer. After washing the solid doll surface smooth as before, feel delicate. Please do regular cleaning and maintenance as the case may be.

8, such as the entity doll skin appears a small area of damage, can use glue bonding, will be damaged face clean, and then in the two cut off face evenly coated with a layer of glue, and then the two cut off face bonding together, finally on the surface of a thin layer of glue, such as half an hour after the glue dry.

Well, today is the universal here, hope to all the friends who are about to touch and have physical dolls to help.