Women have the coolest career in the world – sex toy testers

What is the “best job” in the world? A British woman said that she had made such an attempt. Can you accept it?

According to the British The Mirror report, the 30-year-old beauty Karleen Howden, a sex toy tester, tests two new products per week on average, and “experience first”, and then the results of the test, including sex toys The pros and cons of the report are written into a report and provided to the company for reference. In addition to trying his own accidents, Karleen Howden will also use sex toys for her mother, five sisters or friends, and will also go online to find netizens to test and ask them to share their experiences. Karleen Howden said that testing sex toys is not so fun or easy to imagine, and sometimes there are some obstacles. She will also share her own experience because some of the fun toys are very special and must be used with care. Although she has a boyfriend, she said that the job will not affect their feelings, and sometimes even the two will test together.
This British woman claimed to be the “best job” in the world. She turned out to be a sex toy tester and would try it out with her boyfriend.