Three divorce found that sex dolls are true love

Three divorces have found love with the sex doll, have a deep emotional connection with him, and tell the “ecstasy” they experienced when they had sex.
Murray from Queensland, Australia purchased a 6-foot doll and named it Noni. He bought sex dolls for the first time in 2008, but now he has settled with sex dolls. And he feels that this doll can help him solve loneliness and establish physical relationships with sex dolls.

He said: “If I go home from shopping, she is here, in the house. Thank God, the house is not empty.”
He added: “She doesn’t even have silence, you talk to them, you are talking about your problems, your life, your climax, your trough, your happiness, your sorrow, she will only help you.”
In fact, you also need sex dolls, right?