Why Are Sex Doll Brothels Growing Rapidly And Becoming More Popular?

Sex doll brothel is a new type of sex industry, which was strongly opposed by feminists when they first appeared, believing that sex doll brothels are offensive and blasphemous to women.But sex doll brothels are not depressed by this, but show the trend of digging up the ground.

Let’s take a look at the development of sex doll brothels.Sex doll brothel start from Barcelona, only a few months later, it spread to Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Austria, etc., sex doll brothels gradually extend to the globe is just a matter of time.What caused the rapid development of sex dolls and growing in popularity?

sex doll

Sex doll brothels only offer silicone sex doll related sex services.Silicone sex dolls give you unlimited access to all your fantasies – the craziest dreams, all the sexual fantasies you can’t achieve with a real woman.

The brothel will dress up the silicone sex dolls according to customers’ needs.Sex, but not any requirements for doll brothels will embrace, Barcelona sex doll brothels also refuse some immoral requests. The two most common are rape fantasies and those who want to have sex with child-like silicone sex dolls.Although these customers are often turned down, business is still booming.

Sex doll brothels disinfect dolls after each use and require clients to use condoms.

silicone sex doll


Why sex dolls?Because it is a perfect replica of women in real life, with an enviable sexy figure and beautiful appearance, and women’s body structure, can provide men with oral sex, vaginal and anal sex.Silicone material makes the skin of realistic sex dolls very realistic, soft and elastic, very real.

Sex dolls don’t listen to you, they don’t caress you, they don’t comfort you, they don’t look at you, they don’t tell you what they think, they don’t drink champagne with you.But another tactic of patriarchy is to treat women as objects without rights or souls, a privilege of the wealthy.When having sex with a realistic sex doll, it can satisfy a man’s desire for control and possession.

If you want to take a realistic sex doll home, a realistic sex doll between 1.6 and 1.7 meters tall will cost at least $1,200.In the sex doll brothel, you only need to spend $100 to enjoy sex with a sex doll for an hour.

realistic sex doll

This is the beginning of a sex industry revolution, the change seems to be toward similar TV “western world” in the direction of the development of the future, where almost as real as the robot realistic sex doll can meet the most basic human desires.

The current number of artificial couples is expected to change from lifelike dolls to something closer to robots.A science-fiction film that costs more than $15,000 could go on sale as early as next year, being able to speak and even seem expressive.Over time, artificial intelligence will be able to engage in interactive conversations that will evolve into “learning,” not necessarily limited to sex.

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