Where Do Our Sex Dolls Go After We Die?

What do people who think that lifelike sex dolls have their own lives, and how do they deal with their sex doll when they die? Especially the simulation dolls, they believe that they all have their own souls. Humans will die one day but dolls don’t, which is part of why they plan carefully for their experiences and behaviors.

This is not a simple thing as deposing one of your toys. Because love doll is meaning to some of sex doll lovers.But they haven’t been able to solve what the dolls should do after leaving them. In most cases, there aren’t many ways to choose how to handle them. No one will consider matters related to funeral for the doll.

A common treatment is to take no treatment. Designate the real doll as your beneficiary personal property or family asset as a beneficiary or as part of the remaining property.Then it may be resold afterwards, after all, the price of these sex dolls is considerable. Although selling them is not an easy task. Usually second-hand transactions take place in the doll forum, and all the experiences and details about the doll must be listed in detail. This is not something that ordinary people can familiarize with.

There is also a way to donate. If you don’t want your love doll to have a bad experience, you can try to send them to the toy museum, although the general museum will not accept it. But some sex museums may bring you some good luck.

In addition, some companies also accept the recycling and resale of old dolls. But this needs to be sought globally, which can lead to high international transportation costs.

The last unfortunate treatment is to send it to a recycling facility, so you can imagine that the end result is compressed and land-filled in the dump. Maybe you will ask, metal and silica gel are all recoverable substances. Is it possible to recycle it? But things made from a variety of materials are difficult or impossible to recycle.