When your sex doll comes to your house

The day is finally here! After a few weeks you’ve probably done your analysis, you’ve found the most effective adult dolls online and you’ve found the doll of your dreams. This may be the lady you saw in your fantasies, and she has finally arrived. They’ve tracked their movements around the world, from our manufacturing facility to the shipping facility, and right now it’s on your doorstep.

real doll

You can barely hold back your excitement after seeing the box on your design. You barely notice the deliverer, and your hand shakes slightly when you sign the package. All your thoughts are on the box, and even many of what’s in it. Wait, hold your cowboy! There is another important step before you put your new lover to sleep. You want to make sure you take it out properly and assemble it.

Now your sex doll is assembled and ready for the journey, it’s time to worry about storage. Do not get it wrong! If you make yourself comfortable, if your doll hangs outside, we are in favor. Nevertheless, the public must be a little discreet. This may be the reason why every doll we want to sell contains a storage set. You use this to keep your doll in a very narrow wardrobe or an alternative home while you do not exploit it.

lifelike sex doll