What should a boy do for a perfect after play after sex?

Many boys don’t pay enough attention to after-play. A survey shows that most boys do the following things after having sex:

1.30% of men lie down immediately to adjust their breathing or smoke

2.17% of men quickly fall asleep

3.14% of men got up and went to the toilet immediately

4.9% of men went to the shower immediately

5.25% of men eat an extra meal after doing the above

  1. There are 5% of men carrying guns again

But in fact, girls’ need for after play is as important as foreplay. After all, no girl wants to be left on the bed after sex. Start seriously, and end gently and gently. A perfect post-play is exactly the key to making the other person addicted to you.

How to use the critical time of 5-10 minutes after sex to increase the intimacy of both parties? Today I’m going to talk to you about what to do after the show.

  1. Organize

Take the initiative to take out a tissue to wipe off the body fluids on her body, and bring the water cup over to let her drink water. After all, this kind of thing really consumes the water in the body. Help her to tidy up her appearance. If her hair is messy, even if she doesn’t get tied up, help her tidy up the messy hair. Gently tidy the hair on both sides of her to the back of her ears. hair. If the other party wants to wear underwear, bring it for her and put it on for her. If the other party is tired, then gently cover her with the quilt. These small actions will make the other party feel very warm.

  1. Hugs + kisses

After having sex, both parties can continue to hug for a while. Hold her in your arms, hug her with a spoon, hug her face to face, caress her hair, kiss her forehead, or use the ear-pick technique of last night to wipe her tears with your lips. , But it must be light, not too aggressive or touching too sensitive parts because the purpose of the post-play is not to sound the horn of the next battle but to be as perfect as possible this time, to make her body I can feel your warmth in my heart.

  1. Make demands wisely

“When you said that sentence, I was very excited.” “I look forward to using the same posture again next time. I feel so comfortable.” In fact, we always do more and talk less about sexual exploration; but lovers The emotional communication between the couples is really important. This is a way of expressing trust. What is more important between couples than trust and honest expression?

At this time, please don’t begrudge your praise, “I like the way you were shy/brave/rough/wild just now,” “I really felt like heaven” and so on. It will make the other person very happy, and This is also positive feedback.

If you do a certain action well, praise her and believe that she will do better next time. Or you can say “Today is full of foreplay time, I am very involved in the whole process.” This kind of affirmative guidance method allows the other party to understand your needs better.

Of course, it is impossible to be perfect in making love. When you encounter something that makes you uncomfortable or needs improvement, use the above methods to tell you’re true needs. There is no deception, or misinformation that makes it impossible to reverse it in the future, and no direct criticism to make the other party lose confidence.

Next time, the other party will enjoy more and do better. This time is the easiest moment to better understand the needs, feelings, and desires of the person around you and each other, and grasp it well.

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