What kind of craft is a good doll on the physical doll craft requirements

A really good doll,the pursuit of a variety of aspects,not only the appearance,and internal,even including the price of the right,this is a good doll,to be clear,Japanese dolls do well,one hundred thousand pieces,is good,but what use?no one’s buying!

So, a really good doll,it should be said that appearance of good workmanship,good materials,reasonable structure,good internal bone quality,plus reasonable pricing,can choose the most approprite range between the profit and feedback customers,is a good doll manufacturers!

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ok,let’s get back to the point and just talk about craft!

really good doll craft requirements,at present,in line with following points can:with good materials,there is a person responsible for makeup and design,a strong sense of reality,is a good doll.

To be specific,for example,the lower body process,which is the most important process intergration can increase the degree of fidelity,more real ,more close to the real person,and lower body separation process,can make cleaning more convinient, convenient to use,specific which kind of good,will see the customer’s choice.

Since the lower body is the most important part,it is necessary to say more!

individual proposal choose the lower body of an organic whole craft,but no matter be fission or an organic whole,lower body USES the big spiral grain that can enhance stimulation,not only can assure smooth unobtrusive when entering,when piston moves,because use uterine wall to rotate grain design,so stimulate feeling is very strong also,resemble a person in short it is.

life sized sex doll

in addition to the appearance and use experience,skin touch technology is also crucial,whether the lower body or every inch of the body,should be used to simulate human skin,maximize close to human skin,this is a good process!good baby!

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