The benefits of sex movies and how do couples choose the right sex movies

When couples watch porn together, on the one hand, they learn the techniques of sex, on the other hand, they can help to increase their sexual desire, good for their sexual life. But when couples watch porn, they have a lot of precautions. If they don’t pay attention to these things, they will not achieve the expected effect, but will play the opposite role.

Curable sex apathy in watching porn

This is a smart and common problem. In fact, as an opportunity to learn together or to help overcome the sexual coldness of one party, husband and wife can and should watch pornographic CDs together (of course, they can’t open windows and play them loudly to avoid being reported, detained and fined). However, there are various rules and regulations to restrict people’s access to such information, and such information is often mixed, good and bad, not every film can play an educational role, or even toxic role. What we can see now is not a legal official publication, because at present, we classify all the films related to sex as obscene and pornographic, which are strictly banned and combated, or a pair of golden scissors cut off all the relevant plots. The right market management should strictly distinguish the nature of sexual works only for adults to watch, some should be encouraged, some should be banned, some should be restricted. Sexlessness can also be boosted by the use of sex doll and sex toy.

The meaning of sex education movies

I think the best film with adult sex education significance should be foreign sex education, sexual guidance, sexual therapy and so on. Its starting point is education, but such films are not allowed in China (in fact, such films should be allowed in China to solve the problems of sexual harmony and sexual function of tens of millions of couples). Secondly, there are some excellent or better movies (such as “lady Chatterley’s lover”, “instinct” or “Titanic” with some sexual plot), which directly reflect sexual problems.

Excellent production and equality of men and women is the first choice

A good erotic film shows that men and women are equal, respect and love each other and climb the sexual peak together. From the perspective of men, men arrange films to meet men’s sexual needs, lack of due respect for women, only women as a means of catharsis. This is also the current situation of the mainstream porn production industry, because these pornographic things are originally related to prostitution, of course, they will discriminate against and humiliate women. And women are certainly not easy to accept them, of course, they can not achieve the desired purpose, or even have a negative effect.

Choosing porn with normal sexual value orientation

The most important is the obscene, pornographic and violent film which is bizarre, absurd, full of violence and full of humiliation and bullying to women. This kind of disgusting film has only reaction, which further leads to women’s disgust and fear of sexual life. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing in advance, otherwise we will do bad things with good intentions and even threaten the relationship and feelings of both sides.

Don’t imitate the strange content of porn

Chinese or Asian women are not very open at bed, which is mainly related to culture. To judge whether a woman is really excited, it is mainly to listen to their wheezing, and to observe whether their breasts are flushed. Don’t imitate all kinds of novel ways of love between men and women in erotic films, and don’t change positions in one love. Women to reach orgasm, not by visual stimulation, but sensory stimulation. Strange postures can only bring fresh feeling, not necessarily comfortable. And a woman’s orgasm needs constant stimulation. Changing a variety of positions in love at one time will make the excitement just ignited by women cool down and need to be stimulated again.