What is the reason that sex dolls are so popular?

Sexual dolls are high-end adult products in the eyes of most people. Because the appearance is close to humans, the skin of the whole body is close to the human texture. Since the invention of this silicone doll in Japan, all kinds of sex dolls have dazzled you. The prices of major sales platforms and independent websites are more numerous. You will definitely be troubled by your choices. The sex dolls are not expensive, or the comments are not good.
In fact, more people are interested in sex dolls, the most important thing is ‘price’. Why do you say that? Things like brand names are always what people dream of, just because the price is expensive, they are not very popular, and so are sex dolls.

I did a survey and found that there are a lot of dolls for buying 100 cm. Why? The first is that the price is relatively low, generally not more than 500 US dollars, the cheapest is more than 100 US dollars; Secondly, it is very good to store and store, because it is very small, so it is easy to hide and not be known by others; finally, people are most worried about the problem: (Pedophilia)
This has led many countries to ban the import of small dolls because it is a terrible thing to worry that those who are pedophiles will put things on the dolls and eventually achieve them in children. If the quality is a little better, the price will be very expensive. This is beyond doubt. The average office worker says that there are not many wages in the real world. Buying a sex doll is the general salary of those office workers. Buying a cheap price, and worry about quality problems, after all, a penny. Then why are these sex dolls still welcome?
That is because those who dare not find a prostitute to realize their own desires, thus selective dolls; do not dare to communicate with others, are selective dolls; the love for those who die will be selective dolls; those who dare not talk about the heart will Selective dolls, etc.
Sexual dolls are not just the ‘sexual love’ in people’s minds. In fact, they are just the sustenance of people’s hearts.
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