People from which country are the most enthusiastic consumers of sex dolls?

Sex doll is no longer a strange things in the current.Which country is most passionate about dolls? In an Internet search study in 2008, the Philippines ranked first, followed by Australia and the United States. In the city search rankings, Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne favorite sex dolls, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

According to the world sex toy rankings, some country’s consumers is more enthusiastic than the others’.And Vouchercloud find the top one according to the rate of search frequency.

Although European countries dominate the list, Australia ranks 10th, and 82 out of every 1,000 netizens search for sex toys. Although Japan has always been known for its sexual openness, it ranks only 43rd, with 44 out of every 1,000 netizens searching for masturbation sex toys.

At the same time, India and Bangladesh are ranked at the bottom, ranking 141, and only 6 out of every 1,000 netizens search for sex toys. Saudi Arabia ranks 107 and 15 people search.
In order to obtain these data, Vouchercloud surveyed the most popular 18 kinds of sex toys and various search keywords,  vibrators, vibrating eggs and so on.