What Are The Common Mistakes Men often Make When Buying Sex Dolls?

For those who already have sex dolls, they have begun a beautiful new life.People who hesitate to buy sex dolls admire their lives and are eager to enter them.People who hesitate to buy sex dolls because they have no buying experience are worried about problems in the process of purchasing sex dolls.Today I’m going to talk about the common mistakes people make when buying sex dolls.

Ignore the weight of the sex doll

Many sex doll owners will often share their life experience after having sex dolls in forum. Some owners are regretting because they chose the height of the big sex doll above 165cm.In real life, the tall girl will be more beautiful, attractive. Therefore, many men will have such a coherent thinking when purchasing sex dolls. They choose a big sex doll without thinking, and ignore the weight of a sex doll.

sex doll

Let’s take a look at the details of a 165cm sex dolls. The sex dolls that are 165cm tall weigh 70.54lb, it is not light.It’s not easy to carry a sex doll upstairs, bathe her, or dress her up, Often tired and sweaty.But it’s a good exercise for people who want to keep fit, haha.

Love to buy cheaper

We all know that adult sex dolls are not cheap and require a lot of money.When you browse a reliable adult sex dolls website, You need to spend $1000 to get a adult sex doll you like. But in Aliexpress or other scam website, the same an adult sex doll only costs about $200. At that time, you were deeply attracted to the adult sex doll on the picture, and the impulsive order was placed.When you get the package, you get a blow-up doll, which is completely different from what you expected.

adult sex doll

I understand saving money. It’s not shameful.We don’t have a lot of money in our lives, and every cost we spend needs to be spent in the right place.But, in order to save money, but to reduce the quality of life, can’t enjoy good service, it is very unworthy.What’s the point of spending money and not getting what we want?

When you shopping, you must check whether the website you are visiting is legal or fraudulent.You need to do some research before you buy the adult sex doll.Have the website left their address or telephone number?Read the product description carefully, understand the product materials and other details.

Hopefully these two points will help people who need to buy sex dolls.