What are the characteristics of a good experience with a physical doll?

Although the physical doll is still relatively expensive, our living standard is getting higher and higher. In addition to the increasing number of domestic manufacturers and the extensive application of TPE materials, the price of the current physical doll has dropped a lot, so many people can afford to buy it.

The price of physical doll is very messy at this stage, the domestic price from a few hundred yuan to more than ten thousand of the physical silicone doll have, a variety of physical dolls are multifdianous, the following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the present physical doll, to see which is better.

It is well known that a physical doll is an adult toy used to replace a real person to satisfy the desire requirements of the body. To have a better experience of love and snapping and a better make love feeling, a physical doll needs to have the following characteristics:

First of all, the physical doll should have a high degree of simulated skin, non-toxic and safe materials, feel good, and has a high degree of durability, touch and human basically the same. It also has to be anti-fouling, very easy to clean up. The skin color of a good physical doll is delicate, and the touch is closer to the real skin.

Secondly, the experience of using a physical doll has a lot to do with its built-in skeleton. A good physical doll should be able to move its joints and pose in any position you want to satisfy your various needs and fantasies. So you can do whatever you want with it, and you can treat it like a sexy, beautiful, beautiful, sweet little girlfriend.

Finally, real people are warm, not cold, want a physical doll to experience better, then she must have the temperature, especially in the winter use, experience will be better. The good news is that many of today’s dolls already have a heating function, and the technology isn’t complicated.

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