Proper use of physical dolls

Do you know how to proper use of physical dolls?see this article,maybe you will know it!and get along with your sex doll!

  1. The body of the physical doll is equipped with various joints and can be in various positions within a certain range. However, since the product is naturally straight when it leaves the factory, it cannot be placed or maintained in a highly difficult bending position for a long time to avoid deformation and damage!
  2. If there is dust and dirt on the surface of the doll, it can be cleaned by using general detergent, such as shower gel. Do not grasp the doll surface vigorously in a large area, and then air dry the water naturally after cleaning.
  1. The physical doll takes a bath every 10-20 days on average. After the bath, the protective powder is applied to prevent the oil from cracking
  2. If the physical doll is not carefully dyed, you can use the color removing paste to clean the physical doll, evenly apply the color removing paste to the dyed position and then put the doll in a dry and cool place. After 24 hours, the dyed position can be removed by itself.
  3. the physical doll should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time, it is recommended to put it in a dry and cool place, and ensure the environment is clean and hygienic. At the same time, it is recommended to put it in a range of 5-35 degrees. Pay attention to avoid the temperature being too high or too low. Please keep the doll lying flat for storage.

Have you learned how to use sex doll?if you have,just use it!