Top 5 Lovely Short-Hair Realistic Sex Dolls for Man

At present, in the sex doll market, most sex dolls are long-haired. It’s naturally boring to have a long hair sex doll for a long time.However, short-hair sex dolls are another kind of feeling. They are cute, pure, and can also be very sexy.

1. Kate -156cm Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

Kate’s hair is really eye-catching, a typical explosion. However, Kate’s impression is like a lovely younger sister next door. The pale yellow short hair is accompanied by slight curls, giving off a lovely face. A pair of eye-catching blue deep eyes, like a blue ocean, my whole body is about to sink in this ocean. She is always naughty, sometimes sexy, and constantly challenges your patience.

2. Cherry -145cm Sex Love Doll

Sex Love Doll
Cherry’s short hair is black straight hair. Her expression is always very cool, and her fair skin is always an attractive look. Originally thought that she would be a quiet sex doll, but in fact, she is very fond of sexual dress, even wearing simple, it can not conceal her inner sexy. Do you like this sexy silicone sex doll?

3. Daisy-155cm Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll
Daisy’s short hair is yellow, with the tail slightly inward, cute and mature, and sexy during maturity. The chest of the sex doll is sexy, soft and tall and straight, which makes people think about it and what kind of feeling it feels. Exquisite facial features, sexy figure, all this is very perfect. Bringing her home as her partner is not a bad decision.

4. Emma-140cm Silicone Full Entity Doll

Sex doll
Emma has a very handsome short hair, yellow short hair, showing a true and capable temperament. Sometimes she mistakenly thinks she is a “fake kid” and haha. F cup breast is her pride, soft and elastic. The height of 140cm means that her weight will be lighter than the body of the realistic sex doll above, so it will be more labor-saving when she moves her.

5. Carry -165cm Sex Love Doll

Sex Love Doll

Carry’s short hair is very cute, like a college student, very pure and lovely. She never showed off her sexy and perfect body, because even if she wore clothes, she could never wrap her sexy. Huge breasts, beautiful and lovely face attracted many men’s attention. Bringing this realistic sex doll home is very cost-effective.