To buy a new entity doll reference some prevention of dyeing and oil problems

Light color of the hat

A lot of wig can dye, if sleep or long time when do not need to change a hat, can avoid the head dye, wig also won’t make a mess, also compare nun good-looking

Light color long-sleeve T-shirt

The length should cover the buttocks, because many people will wear crotch stockings, easy to use, when sleeping if the clothes are too short will be dyed in the crotch position, long sleeves can also protect the arm


Disposable rubber gloves

A lot of people will ignore these, the hand is often dyed, the reason is the bed and quilt will be dyed, the hands and fingers will be dyed after a long time, after the shower will be replaced with new gloves

Incarnadine filar socks

Flesh color hosiery should often put on, if wear brunet hosiery also can reduce the degree of coloring

In addition, it is best to buy all the dark close-fitting clothes to soak for 2 hours to clean, but different colors to soak, otherwise they will dye each other, light color does not need to soak but also to clean, because the manufacturing process after a lot of procedures, a lot of dirt can not see, doll is always in constant contact with the supplies


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