Tips about How to deal with Sex dolls That Can’t be Used Again

The life span of silicone sex dolls is still relatively long. Of course, in this process we need careful care and maintenance.

Not everything, we can pay attention in advance. Perhaps because of carelessness, our beloved sex doll was injured. Unexpectedly, a sex doll was stabbed by a sharp object; or accidentally, a sex doll fell to the ground… The owner of a sex doll needs a lot of care in his sex doll.

For those who only have sex dolls, the experience of caring dolls is zero, so in the early stages, sex dolls are more or less injured. Over time, inexperienced sex doll owners will grow into experienced veterans. Therefore, during this time, sex doll will be taken care of safely and will not be easily injured.


Although the silicone material is durable, the owner of the sex doll will take care of it, but the sex doll is always old and can no longer be used. So how do we deal with sex dolls that can no longer be used?

Some people suggest throwing them directly at the dump. Because adult sex doll that can no longer be used have no use value, they are like garbage, so they can be thrown directly into the garbage station. At present, the widely used garbage disposal methods include sanitary landfills, high temperature composting and incineration, which will undoubtedly cause certain pollution to the environment.

adult sex doll

However, we promote environmental protection and are environmentally friendly. We know that the material of the adult sex doll is medical silica gel. The use of silica gel is very extensive. Its applications have expanded to include: construction, electrical and electronics, textiles, automotive, machinery, leather and paper, chemical light industry, metals and paints, medicine and healthcare.

So silicone materials are recyclable. It can be put into recycling facilities for recycling.