The First Virtual Intimacy System – Your Virtual Girlfriend

Almost all forms of sexual technology can be used for treatment, and at the beginning of the invention of sex dolls, it can be used to solve some sexual addiction problems at that time. Modern technology is no exception, although they are not intended for this purpose, but a series of sexual technologies that have been invented for treatment have made it the biggest selling point.

Obviously from history we have come to the conclusion that traditional intimacy is not suitable for all people. If the relationship breaks down, some people’s relationship will not be improved. Although the solid sex doll is difficult to replace the real human, but under some circumstances , they don’t have to bear the failure and frustration from real life. This is like a combination of virtual real dolls and real emotions. It has the advantages of doing the same thing, but it also abandons the shortcomings of the real doll’s size, weight…

The system offers realistic virtual partner gaming and versatile hardware to deliver an exciting interactive immersive experience. Compatible with most PCs, laptops, mobile devices and VR headsets, Virtual Mate comes in a variety of modes including Quick Mode, Story Mode and VR Mode, allowing you to play your own way. This system can help solve intimate problems and make them easy to get along with their partners in an intimate environment. On the other hand, he can also help people learn how to get along with real people.