The exciting World of Sex Doll Makeup

For many of our customers, a sex doll isn’t just an inanimate object. She (or he!) is a companion, and a character in the customer’s fantasies. It’s quite common for sex doll aficionados to give their dolls personalities, and dress them up. What many people don’t realize is that they can also use cosmetics, jewelry, temporary tattoos, and other items to their dolls to bring out those personalities even more.

Understanding Doll Makeup Basics

When your Sex real sex dolls arrives, you’ll notice that they have amazing skin. As long as you care for your doll properly, it should never need foundation. However, if you do touch your dolls face quite a bit, the some of that ‘make up’ can wear off over time. If that’s the case, a bit of makeup and a highlighter can bring that glow back!

Next, you can do quite a bit to enhance, even change the appearance of your doll with lip color, eye shadow, and blush. Feel free to experiment! There are so many makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can learn to give your doll a variety of looks. With a bit of practice, you can use your talents to create a fantasy look for nearly every occasion.

Where to Buy Sex Doll Make Up

Here’s some great news. You don’t need to purchase speciality make up for your doll. The same make up you would purchase at your local pharmacy, department store, or dollar store will work just fine. However, we do recommend that you only use powder based makeup. Liquids and oil based pigments could possibly stain your doll.

Some doll owners have also had some troubles with cosmetics that contain glitter or ‘sparkles’. If you take photos of your doll, sometimes those reflect in the light and add a harsh glare. It can also be difficult to remove this makeup completely.

How to Remove Doll Makeup

As it turns out, the best solution for removing makeup from your sex doll is cold cream. It’s true! The product that has been around for decades will take makeup off gently and effectively. It’s also very inexpensive.

Jewelry And Other Accessories

You may already be dressing your doll to make them look amazing, but have you considered what you can do with jewelry, temporary tattoos, decals, and other body art? Think about it! With the right ankle bracelet, a hot tattoo, and necklace, you could turn your All-American doll into a sexy vixen for the night.

There’s no need to shower your doll with expensive items either. She’ll appreciate some colorful costume jewelry from your local Stop And Shop just as much as she would a fine diamond. You’ll save money, and you’ll be able to buy enough to complete several looks.

It’s All About Your Fantasies

Sex doll makeup, accessories, and fashion are popular for a good reason. They give you the tools you need to make sure your doll looks exactly the way you want. Why not take some time to make your doll look amazing.