Experts teach you to choose realistic sex doll?

Do you think that the current realistic sex doll is still stuck in the old style, and it is a tool to solve personal physiological needs? Do you still think that the physical doll is just a plastic toy? Do you think it is almost impossible for a physical doll to reach the level of a human being?
In fact, the current physical dolls have developed to a new stage. The physical dolls based on high-tech materials are equipped with polymer materials, which can not only achieve the similarity with real people, but also generate heat and sound.
The current physical dolls have a very high technology content. We can no longer use the past standards when choosing physical dolls. It is not as simple as it is easy to use. Let’s take a look at some of the things that professionals should value when choosing physical dolls.

1. The safety of physical dolls. Material safety is the issue we are most concerned about now, because traditional physical dolls use silica gel is not an ideal choice, this material is hard, and some manufacturers with irregular production use waste rubber processing. There are physical dolls made of new materials that feel almost the same as real people.
2. The overall experience brought by the entity doll. The physical doll is not simply a tool for solving physiological needs. Its appearance, appearance, and voice characteristics will bring us a different experience. When choosing, it should be considered from many aspects, depending on the overall feeling brought by the physical doll.
3. The function of the entity doll. Some physical dolls can only solve simple physical needs, some physical dolls can speak with people, and some physical dolls can perform some actions. Entity tpe sex dolls are becoming more and more abundant in function, which greatly meets our needs for dolls.