The Amazing AI tech can be used in sexbot

Micro-expression technology can recognize a variety of facial expressions such as happiness, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise, and even expressionlessness in human facial expressions. Changes in emotions can be identified by micro-expression recognition techniques. This was originally used by financial lenders to help loan reviewers prevent fraudulent loans.

Even more incredible is that artificial intelligence can also read the expression of words. Maybe you will be confused, but this is the existing technology, which is understood by analyzing the logic of the combination of words and keywords, key categories. According to this development, artificial intelligence may become the most understanding of our own existence. It is difficult to imagine how much advantage they will have in the field of robotics. Robots at that time must be the embodiment of perfect human beings.

If the appearance of the sex robot is a real-life sex doll with high simulation, can it also solve the love in the form of a long-distance relationship? It turns out that the lack of physical contact between love and marriage is vulnerable, and the artificial intelligence and refined design of the sex robot can perfectly satisfy all your needs, and it is human nature to fall into it.

A good emotion must go through love, marriage, and old age. Marriage may not be love, but a good old marriage will have a good marriage. It is worth noting that sex doll or sex robots will definitely be with you as you wish.