Melaine – Free-shipping Life-sized TPE Sex Doll

Melaine is a sexy female car salesman that just makes a guy’s heart race. Maybe it’s the way she knows her stuff and can talk cars with the best of them. Or maybe it’s the way she oozes confidence as she strides around the lot, her hips swaying in that way that just makes a guy want to take her for a test drive.

Whatever it is, there’s just something about a hot car saleswoman that gets a guy’s blood pumping. Maybe it’s the challenge of trying to win her over, or maybe it’s the knowledge that she’s probably got a wild side once you get her behind the wheel. Whatever it is, it’s definitely a turn on.

So if you’re ever out car shopping and see a hot female saleswoman, don’t be afraid to approach her. She’s probably used to getting hit on, and she’ll definitely appreciate a guy who can appreciate her skills. So go ahead and flirt with her a bit, and see where the conversation takes you. You may just end up taking her for a test drive you’ll never forget.

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