Sexual robots can be harmful to human mental health

If HBO’s “Western World” teaches us anything, the use of robots to fulfill your fantasies can have devastating consequences. Ethical, Ethical and Social Issues of Fear Echoing in the emerging global sex robotics industry, prominent scientists and researchers speak firmly on the potentially harmful consequences of the marketing of expensive fantasy relationship devices.

Restrictions and restrictions on sales, coupled with increased consumer awareness, have led sociologists, robotics experts, and psychologists to boldly state how these lifelike, AI-driven sex robots can be used for antisocial and transgressive behavior. Scenarios, which may extend into real life.

“Some robots are programmed to protest in order to create a rape case.” “Some designs look like children. In Japan, one of the developers of this type of toy is a confessional pedophile, who said the device could prevent him Hurted a real child. But can it normalize people and give people the opportunity to practice these behaviors, and just solve them?

Robots are already making our appliances, cleaning our houses and making food-but now they will change the way we become frivolous. Sex robots are essentially realistic sex dolls with complex movements and “areas” that can closely mimic humans and make them playful.