Regular to maintain sex dolls flexibility

Sex doll completely eliminate the risk of sexually transmitted infections. These happy helpers are still virgins and stay the same until you buy them. These are clean and were not used. Even more amazing is that you are the only partner in this relationship. Therefore, they do not fear that love dolls will “infect” from outside and pass it on to you. Of course, this is a good reason to buy a realistic doll.

Sex dolls are the most loyal partners. You do not need to worry about falling asleep. Sex dolls are very patient and always there for you. Unlike women, sex dolls are in full contact with you, and the only way is to decide. You are basically the master of the relationship.

realistic sex dolls

You should have regular to maintain sex dolls flexibility, exquisiteness and durability. For your own safety, clean thoroughly with mild soap and water after each use. Give her a warm bubble bath like your pet. Sex dolls like human handling. Adult dolls are very sensitive and need to be cared for. The drying process after cleaning the doll is also very important.

It is generally recommended that the owner only dry the doll manually with a towel and a soft cloth before drying it out. Microfibre cloths are especially good as they damage the skin of your doll the least. To reiterate, the most important area is the holes – they must be completely dry. Since it is difficult to get in with a towel, some owners use paper towels, roll them into rectangles and insert them into their anus and their vaginal holes.