Regular hot springs are not conducive to fertility

Hot springs have supplemented with minerals, accelerate blood circulation, and relieve pressure through static pressure massage**. However, for men who have recent fertility requirements, they should be cautious and try to avoid hot springs. Frequently, hot springs have a negative impact on the maturity of male sperm production, resulting in male infertility.

   Sperm are produced in the testes and mature in the epididymis. The testis is located in the scrotum of the human body. The scrotum is located outside the body cavity. Its temperature is 2°C to 4°C lower than the core temperature of the body. Such a temperature is conducive to the production and maturation of sperm. However, most of the hot spring water temperature is controlled at 36 ℃ ~ 42 ℃, and some are even higher. A regular hot spring bath will increase the local temperature of the scrotum, thereby affecting the testicular spermatogenic function, reducing the testicular spermatogenic ability, reducing the number of sperm, and reducing sperm motility. Reduced, and even caused sperm death, resulting in decreased fertility.

  It takes about three months to regenerate sperm. A long-time high-temperature hot spring immersion may result in a recent decline in fertility that the prospective dads cannot detect.

  People who are going to be promoted to prospective fathers, the spa must be cautious. The high-temperature bath time should never be too long, it should be soaked, the time and water temperature of each hot spring should be controlled, too high or too low temperature is not suitable.

Hot spring bathing is now a fashionable activity. Some men like to take hot spring baths with friends. There are a lot of minerals in the hot springs and the temperature is high. However, if men often take hot spring baths, the male scrotum is kept at a high temperature. In the state, it may affect the development of sperm and also affect the production of male hormones. These will cause male infertility.

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