Really? Sex Doll Can Solve The Problem of Gender Imbalance

The gates of sex dolls were gradually opened by humans. From the beginning, inflatable doll, silicone sex doll, artificial intelligence doll… A doll manufacturing company based in the United States has been devoting itself to the development and research of sex dolls. It aims to solve the problem of male loneliness and takes artificial intelligence as the direction. They also claim that after 100 years, they have developed sex robots that can pregnancy and reproduction. The idea is crazy. They are also working hard in this direction.

But this crazy behavior has been met with moral resistance. People believe that the existence of adult sex doll is a provocation and disrespect for women, and it will affect the normal relationship between men and women.

But for men who are not able to communicate normally with women and have no communication with women, adult sex dolls are their savior and they have the opportunity to increase their self-confidence. Although there is still a difference between a adult sex doll and a real woman, for example, there is no thought and no life. However, adult sex dolls are very similar to women in body shape, appearance and body structure. Realistic sex dolls are created using the real female as a template, which can be called a copy of a woman.

In some countries, there is a serious imbalance between men and women. The number of men is far greater than the number of women. Therefore, many men have already reached the marriageable age but they cannot find their wives. Some poor men will have a lifetime bachelor. Therefore, these beautiful realistic sex doll was sought after by some men because they solved the physiological needs of some men and helped the country to solve the gender imbalance.

Every thing has two sides. We need to see the problem objectively.