Having a Great Travel with Your Sex Doll in The Spring

Have you ever travelled with your sex doll? Where did you go with your sex doll? How much beautiful memories do you have about you and your sex doll?

Finally, spring is coming. It’s a perfect time to travel with adult sex dolls.The cold weather in winter limits the area of our activities and inhibits the idea of going out and playing.Fortunately, the coming of spring has revived our thinking.Take a trip with your adult sex doll to announce the arrival of spring.

Now that we have decided to go on a trip, we need to prepare well. What needs to be prepared in advance?

Arrange route

We must plan our routes in advance so that we can be methodical on the day of the appointment, and we will not panic and behave like a daredevil. We can go online to find out which places are suitable for dating.Then plan our route for the day.

Prepare necessary food and water

It is written last but equally important. We need to prepare food in advance, and we can supplement our energy at any time to meet our needs. Sitting on a green lawn with your sex doll and tasting the delicious food,it must be a very enjoyable experience.


We know that the lifelike sex doll have a certain weight. If you carry her for a long time, it will be a very difficult task. So we need to prepare a wheelchair in advance, so our date will become very easy. If your doll is lighter and you’re strong, then you don’t have to prepare a wheelchair.

A camera or a high-pixel mobile phone

One moment that is so important and beautiful must be remembered. So we need to prepare a camera or a high-pixel mobile phone in advance. Remember to charge the night before. This is our common memory with your lifelike sex doll. It is also a very happy thing to wait until later to recall the scene. At the same time, we can also share these photos with people who have the same fun with us, for example, sharing in the doll forum.

If you can travel with other people who have lifelike sex dolls, it will be very great!

I hope this article is useful to you.Have a happy date!