Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅳ-Enthusiastic at Dressing

Generally, cosplay sex dolls are purchased to satisfy the visual effect. The customers who dress and appreciate only tend to buy expensive and exquisite lifelike sex dolls, because these dolls pay more attention to the visual experience and the convenience of dressing. In general, the weight of the TPE doll is difficult for the customer to change the doll often, on the one hand because of the weight and on the other hand because the joint activity is less flexible than the silicone doll or other smaller plastic dolls.

Many people think that the current adult real dolls are more suitable for viewing, because they need to spend more time and effort to maintain and protect them as a sex toy. Dress up dolls and put on their favorite clothes to ease the pressure on life.

Now let’s take a look at how they all make the doll look more appealing, from the entry level to the makeup artist’s level of expression.

In general, it is enough to just have a wig that emits charm. The color of the eye color of the doll with the purchased wig can make the characteristics of the doll itself obvious enough. If you need a better experience, you can put a sexy or cute outfit for the doll. You will like your free play. If the makeup technique is good, it is also a good choice to create a delicate makeup for the doll. There are also more artistic elves and anime characters are the most popular love doll shapes.