TPE doll materials are resistant to high and low temperatures.

We all know the raw materials of TPE sex dolls. The high temperature limit of dolls is inseparable from the characteristics of raw materials.

Due to the many qualities of TPE, different material bases and different properties, there are also different high temperature ranges.

Often the manufacturer of TPE sex dolls we know will scientifically explain that a typical TPE can be used over a temperature range of -40 ° C to 120 ° C. Therefore, it is acceptable and normal to use in the general living area.

But some other manufacturers say that the quality of TPE in Europe is better. It is not difficult to see that different sex doll manufacturers will use attractive propaganda to get more customers, just like many factories.
But what cannot be changed is that all TPE dolls are made of the same substance TPE. You should know how to tell.

However, TPE is also inevitable due to environmental impact. TPE has a shorter life and durability under many thermal exposures. For example, in a heating system for a sex doll, the manufacturer himself said that the TPE would be affected by the use of this function. Therefore, in all cases, it is best to avoid toys that are too cold and too hot like humans.

Know more about TPE sex doll in details

TPE sex doll was made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! It has been tested to be safe to humans. It is combined with soft and elasticity,and shaped of real human to make it feels realistic.

Inside the soft sex doll is a flexible stainless skeleton.With the most flexible action range it resemble like 70% of real human, which can make poses to photos and appreciation.

Although the sex doll is produced with no seams, TPE real dolls is shaped in a whole module. Due to the molding of the doll model.In a way,the main body do have straight lines.

The eyes can be adjusted by yourself as you like, but remember don’t ruin her makeup and false eyelashes. Once you own a doll, you may know how important is the eye makeup.

It is naturally, that surface of the TPE doll skin can be oily. Especially when it is exposed in the dusty air, it can get sticky sometimes.So the talcum powder is necessary for every TPE sex doll, remember to powder them from time to time. Recommended reading: How to solve the problem that TPE doll permeate oil out of the skin surface.

Due to the TPE features,new dolls may smells like some TPE raw materials, but it is slightly, no worry about it. If you are concerned about the smell that is difficult to dissipate, you can let the manufacturer give you a sex doll that has been stocked for a certain period of time. Because the general TPE dolls are usually processed by thermoplastic molding during the processing. Generally, a part of the odor can be emitted over time.Recommended reading: Is the smell of TPE sex doll toxic and harmful to the human body?

The Amazing Gaming Peripherals-Lifesize Sex Doll

As early as 2015, in order to promote the PSV platform game “Women’s God Drive BHIKKHUNI”, the publisher of the platform made a 1:1 Lifesize real doll based on the heroine with the Japanese silicone manufacturer. This is a cross-media work on multiple platforms such as animation and games.

The life-size dolls are maximally restored in terms of height, weight, and hair according to the original settings. In addition to the high-quality touch, the Wi-Fi is built in and connected to and interacted with by a smartphone. . The user can interact with the realistic love doll in a simple way, and the sound of the doll can be transmitted to the player’s ear through the mobile phone.

This is like a cheap version of the anime kit, the EVA 20th Anniversary has released popular characters such as Bo Lili, Asuka, and Kaoru, and the world is limited to 15 each. The price is 1.72 million , and the heights of the three kit are 158, 157 and 166cm respectively. This year’s 1:1 body is full of floating styles. APEX “Crash 3” cheongsam, Yae Sakura and other teams Committed to high quality dolls. Life-size tpe dolls are cheaper and affordable for many consumers.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅳ-Enthusiastic at Dressing

Generally, cosplay sex dolls are purchased to satisfy the visual effect. The customers who dress and appreciate only tend to buy expensive and exquisite lifelike sex dolls, because these dolls pay more attention to the visual experience and the convenience of dressing. In general, the weight of the TPE doll is difficult for the customer to change the doll often, on the one hand because of the weight and on the other hand because the joint activity is less flexible than the silicone doll or other smaller plastic dolls.

Many people think that the current adult real dolls are more suitable for viewing, because they need to spend more time and effort to maintain and protect them as a sex toy. Dress up dolls and put on their favorite clothes to ease the pressure on life.

Now let’s take a look at how they all make the doll look more appealing, from the entry level to the makeup artist’s level of expression.

In general, it is enough to just have a wig that emits charm. The color of the eye color of the doll with the purchased wig can make the characteristics of the doll itself obvious enough. If you need a better experience, you can put a sexy or cute outfit for the doll. You will like your free play. If the makeup technique is good, it is also a good choice to create a delicate makeup for the doll. There are also more artistic elves and anime characters are the most popular love doll shapes.

You know sex dolls is amazing !

If you take the time to look at some of the dolls available on the market today, many of them are really works of art. Some of the world’s leading robotics engineers are working on the evolution of sex doll on a daily basis and the progress is so impressive that, even if you’re not a fan, you can not deny that developing a traditional explosive doll is truly remarkable. Previously, they were made of fabric only for sailors and referred to as “Dutch woman”.

Aside from the obvious reason, it’s nice to have only one. I’m sure you can relate to what it feels like to be near a really attractive person. These dolls are absolutely breathtaking. You know what it feels like when a pretty girl walks past you in the street. You can buy a pretty sex doll that is soft and hard in the right places, or you can buy a female sex doll with a penis attachment if you want more than just poking and grinding on a soft and sexy female body. The possibilities are endless, especially if you add to your own imagination, maybe a few more toys, a costume or another person.

A realistic sex doll provides ultimate sexual pleasure, more than a human partner. Their flexibility and docility allow you to literally try a sexual cascade without risking cheating or risking sexually transmitted infections. Dolls give you the opportunity to discover what you have dreamed of throughout your life without being judged or challenged. A realistic sex doll is undoubtedly the best alternative to human relationships and can actually be used to get someone used to relationships, or even better, to help someone get back on track after a terrible experience in a relationship.

With the many models on the market, sex dolls prove amazing. Did you know that a lifelike sex doll could save your marriage? Disturbing This statement could, however, be correct. Well, most partners usually cheat on sexual desires. With age, work, libido or other stressors, couples undergo periods when sex does not take place. In such a scenario, the partner usually gets another person to satisfy his sexual needs. To counter this, you get a realistic sex. The doll prevents infidelity with the doll, which provides the desired thrill.

tpe sex doll

Some essential care for the sex doll

In the situation where you have a stain on the silicone sex doll, you should get a stain remover designed specifically for sex dolls. You can purchase it from an adult retailer and keep it away from anything that contains ink, as it can be transferred frequently and clothing can damage the body. You should be wise where you leave it. Of course, if you have it in the closet, it works, but if you do not take care of it, there is a risk that many problems will arise, and this can affect the overall picture, as the stains can be removed.

If you are worried that your realistic sex doll is getting old, do not place it near a place where the sun is shining. Be aware of it when you take it outside and also try to get an umbrella for it. Of course, it’s your decision at the end of the day, your doll, but if you run out with her for some reason, you should be aware that if you’re not careful, it can damage the skin as well as human skin.

And finally the skin. With repeated use the oils make the skin sometimes unsightly and almost sticky. This is a sign that you need to bathe and clean the doll. First, give him a bath, which you should obviously do once a month to get rid of all sorts of movies and the like.

However, if you do not want to deal with it, there is always this energetic renewal that you can get from an adult store to dust off the doll’s skin. For silicone sex dolls, it’s even more important because you feel the skin tights almost immediately. It is delivered with a brush. When you have put them on the TPE dolls, brush everything that is left and let them rest. It will be sweet again.

sex doll

For many people, a love doll may seem easy, but if you’re not careful, it can really affect the overall quality of the doll. It’s important to be smart and aware, and in truth, even something as small as the bath and use of the renewing powder can take up to thirty minutes. It’s best to put your silver doll on it. For many people who want a sex doll, you should take this into account. They are not very maintenance intensive, but they require some care. Remember, before you buy a realistic sex doll.

Difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls

You may want to buy a real doll that suits your needs, but you may hesitate to choose one. TPE, or silicone doll? Doll is basically made of two kinds of raw materials, used to be silicone doll, but after the hot plastic elastomer TPE slowly fire, many doll manufacturers on the TPE raw materials now. Today I would like to give you a brief introduction to the difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls.

TPE has good resilience, but TPE physical crosslinking, there will be some permanent deformation. High molecular weight of the TPE material has more excellent resilience, thermoplastic elastomer environmental non-toxic safety, hardness is wide and has excellent color, texture soft, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature tolerance, the processing performance is superior, without vulcanization, machining efficiency is higher than rubber, can be recycled to reduce costs, either the secondary injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, such as matrix materials coated adhesive, also can separate molding.

love doll

The surface smoothness of silica gel has a wider range of material hardness, generally 20~80A silica gel materials have excellent surface smoothness. Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance and other properties, silicone rubber outstanding performance is wide temperature, can be used in -60℃(or lower temperature) to +250℃(or higher temperature) for a long time.

Silicone dolls generally feel slightly hard, while TPE soft rubber sex dolls can be very soft. Of course, silicone dolls can also be made quite soft, but the cost will increase a lot. The detail expression of silicone doll is better than that of TPE soft rubber doll. Because the material is a little harder, the performance is better. Some of the imitation hand prints and details, only the silicone doll can show, TPE soft rubber doll performance is not good. Silicone doll resistant to high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali; Silicone dolls react with almost nothing except highly corrosive substances. TPE soft rubber doll is not resistant to high temperature, aging and silicone products.

Why The TPE Sex Doll Is So Popular?

The sex doll merchants has been committed to discover the flesh materials more close to the real human. It decideded the mass market share in adult industry. The sex doll enthusiastics voted for the more soft and comfortable experience.

The perfect real sex doll verified by the market are made from silicone and TPE. Silicone sex doll is counted as the luxury sex doll because of the unaffordable price. While the TPE sex doll is the consumption of civilians. Due to it is discovered as a new type of realistic skin material.

Why is the TPE sex doll so popular?
Besides the real touch feel, the high elasticity is one of the advantages people prefer. Eventhough you are pinching her flesh, she will return to normal soon. The high quality sex doll performs great against friction as well. Many sex doll vendors and sex doll owners discussed the various benefits of silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll. In all, for better natural feel, you can choose TPE sex doll. If you ask for easy maintainment, the silicone doll will be a perfect choice on the condition that it doesn’t too much of a crunch on your budget.

More information on the TPE sex doll, you can click on sex doll blog.

Why Do Many Older Men over 60 Purchase Sex Dolls?

You will gradually find that some of the people who use sex dolls are men over 60.The significance of sex dolls to the old man, is not just about sex dolls can at any time to provide sex company, and, more importantly, sex doll is like their own family, accompany the surround them.These older men buy sex dolls for a variety of reasons.

1.Lost a spouse early in life, or divorced.

There are always some people who are unlucky, and life sometimes makes a joke of he.For widowed or divorced men, later life changed, Is to choose to miss the past, to live alone, or to forget the past, to live again, different people have different choices.It is not easy to forget the past, let alone those who have loved deeply.As a result, many men choose to use a sex doll to soothe their wounded feelings.

sex doll

2.Aging causes a decline in physical function

Men tend to lose interest in sex as they get older, which is an unacceptable fact for some men.HMM..In fact, it’s not about losing interest in sex;This is about the inability of the body to behave abnormally in bed.In today’s stressful world, it is not surprising to be caught in a vicious circle of disease.Men in their 30s and 40s begin to suffer from certain diseases (such as smoking, alcohol, etc.) that eventually reduce their endurance and physical strength.This causes men to perform poorly in bed. However, adult sex doll will never mind theseNo matter how long you perform or pop in bed, you can rest assured that adult sex dolls will not say anything derogatory about your performance.So, without worrying about underperformance, you’ll find pleasure in intercourse, and you may begin to recover from your health.

adult sex doll

3.Have been cheated by women

If a man have been cheated by women before, so he can no longer have a normal relationship with women.Gradually tired of years of single life, adult sex dolls have become the hope of saving their lives.In some ways, they say,adult sex dolls are better than real women.Sex dolls don’t cheat, complain, argue, or abandon them.

Sex dolls are not only a tool for strong men to vent their sexual desires, she is also the best partner in their life.