Real sex doll vs real women

Many people have a relatively high pursuit for the quality of sex life, so when the real sex doll is full of our life, some people may compare, in the sex life, the real doll is better or the real women is better? It must be the be fond of according to us, after all, a lot of sex dolls are using silica gel and synthetic resin, but it also has some mechanical support, and her joints can also free activities. That said, it’s much easier to work with a real doll when we want to challenge the sexual position.

Now adult dolls has been underway for intelligent device, the chip inside it’s body is equipped with informationization, can according to the frequency of the action, and different call bed sound, can also according to the demand of sex, automatically in the heat of the body, her breasts and vagina can heat up to 37 degrees or so, let us feel warm.

real doll

Of course, when we can have a free conversation with them, many people at this time do not regard the real doll as a sex tool, but as their girlfriend, Many real women have slight defects in body proportions or physical features, and some difficult movements are difficult to complete. But the sex doll has all kinds of human advantages, but also can make a variety of movements, can complete some very difficult sex movements. So what do you think the real doll is fun or the real women is fun.