Re-establishment of intimate relationships

We are very easy. The intimacy between couples is equivalent to sex. But here we want to emphasize that sex is not an intimate relationship, but it can also be included. The human desire for happiness is ultimately the desire for intimacy. If we have an intimate relationship, then it is possible to get happiness without any effort.

Technology is changing the way we communicate love and intimacy. It also has great potential to help us develop deeper emotional and personal connections. Specifically, artificial intelligence has changed the way we think of sex, smart and realistic sex dolls adding more choices to those who have difficulty living with intimate relationships.

So what are our common intimacy? The deepest fear in intimacy comes from fear of sharing yourself, fearing others to understand themselves, pretending to be conscious or subconscious. We are all waiting for the real people to be revealed. If we do not expose ourselves, we will not be loved because of who we are. Without revealing, we will never experience intimacy. When we show our weaknesses, people will get along with us more harmoniously, and will be happy to share the great signs of our weaknesses, which makes others can be vigilant. We must sincerely strive to serve our own weaknesses and become our best version, so we will get more love.

Abandon self-esteem, prefer to be rejected because you are a real person, and don’t pretend that you are not being loved. At least, you can know that people who like you like you too. It’s important to let go of your intimacy. We need intimacy to be someone who really understands our feelings. This is also one of the most frustrating forms of loneliness. Our sexuality is a powerful tool for us to seek to be the best self version. Just as many people who buy sex dolls nowadays, they gradually become a common intimacy.