Physical doll opened the box inspection method does not show embarrassment

Entity dolls recent development is becoming more and more good, according to reality 1:1 production, beautiful delicate, simple sense is very close to reality, so also attracted a large part of people’s attention, some people are want to buy, but the thought of bought out inspection was afraid would be embarrassed and suppressed back, in fact, we can skillfully use some method can avoid this kind of embarrassment.


1、You can tell the delivery boy that you are a photographer who needs a model to take photos. The doll is used for molding.

2、 is also the same argument, say oneself make human body art, this doll helps oneself to create, the body doll figure so good, just help our creation inspiration, right?

3、You can pretend to be calm and tell the Courier that you bought it for a single boy around you or gave it to him, while you have a girlfriend.

4, you can say that he is the shopkeeper, itself is selling this of course there is nothing to be embarrassed, the arrival is the factory sent to inspect what.


In fact, it is not so embarrassing, after all, now everyone is still quite open, from the big data can see, now buy adult sex toys of the crowd is also growing, may be in your opposite Courier also bought a physical doll?There you are!

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