Love dolls as their lifelong companion

Obsession for sex is not a shameful thing that you have to hide. We all fantasize about sex, which has reached an extreme level today and has become the greatest need for a man. It is a common feeling that we hold all people, but that does not mean that you think of criminal activity. And that’s why millions of sex lovers prefer life-size sex dolls to satisfy their craving for wild intimacy.

Today, people accept these love dolls as their lifelong companion who is always with them, regardless of their relationship status. If you consider having a fabulous adult doll in your life, it is enough to give you the taste of wildness with erotic pleasure. She may be known as a “doll”, but does not underestimate the sexual potential of the doll, she can even beat the normal sex worker. She may be a different person over time or play quite well in your life. Let’s find out another reason why she can be your sex partner when you encounter wild sex.

TPE dolls are like real people. In order to have a human-like skin and to maintain such an effect, it is necessary to add silicone oil. Therefore, after a while the doll shows oil on the surface. Oil pollution is a smooth, round doll that just reaches the hand and is sticky, much like the sweating of the human body in the summer. Ordinary dolls are supplied with body powder. Different manufacturers bring different powders. If you want a body powder that has both a strong odor and a high skin effect, please buy it yourself.

love doll

It is best to bathe for the doll before using body powder. After washing and drying, the whole body is used for powdering. It is best to use a powder puff or a sponge. Sex dolls are fragrant and slippery after use. We have to wait for the dolls within the prescribed time. The doll wig can be washed as usual. Use the crest provided by the manufacturer to avoid static electricity.