How to wash the dirty skin of a physical doll

Many customers who have just bought a real doll face the problem of how to clean the dirty skin of the doll. After the doll has been placed for a long time, the surface of the skin will stick to dust and stains. At this time, you can gently wipe the doll’s skin with a wet towel. It is better to use shower gel or soap to clean the doll. When the surface of the doll’s skin is dry, you can add talcum powder to make the doll’s skin smoother and more elastic.

Oil will appear on the skin surface of the simulated entity doll after it has been placed for a long time. This is due to the silicone oil material in the raw material, which is a normal phenomenon. We don’t need to worry too much about it. We need to maintain doll only regularly can, see the environment that lives commonly and lifestyle and decide, a month or so cleanness is better.

In fact, we do not have to think of the cleaning doll very complicated, sometimes do not have to clean regularly. After we use the doll, we need to wash the doll. But there are more lazy customers, or the body of the body of the doll, only clean the body of the word, that is a different matter. My personal advice is to give the doll a bath after use because it looks more comfortable.

Some customers may encounter the problem of doll skin dyeing, so they need to use the cleaning glue delivered by the manufacturer at this time. And use it under the manufacturer’s guidance, because the glue is corrosive and can burn the doll’s skin if not handled properly. In the process of maintaining the doll encounter what can not solve the problem, suggest the first time to contact the manufacturer to seek solutions, do not deal with their own blind.