How to clean the oil on the heating rod of the real doll

Using a physical doll in cold weather can also be a severe test,

But smart businesses have thought of this a little bit earlier than we did.

Heating rods are often included with the purchase of physical dolls.

So that when the user USES a physical doll, they can heat it easily for local heating.


But when you heat it up you have to put some lubricant on the outside,

Otherwise, physical dolls will be damaged.

After using the heating rod.

Use a warm boil to soak the oil you are applying.

It’s going to melt in a second.

So the lubricant on the outside of the heating rod,

Just put it in the water, and let it sit for about three to five minutes to get rid of the lubricant that comes with it.

The stick doesn’t break when you boil it in warm water,

So users can feel free to soak it in water.

However, users are still advised to use a special detergent to clean the appliance to avoid mixing with household appliances.


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