How to choose the right physical doll?

  • How to choose based on your height and weight

For example, if you are 178 in height and 80 in weight, it is recommended that you choose 163-165 dolls to match

Just an example, of course

The doll’s legs range in length from 83 to 90CM

If you are a leg-lover, then you should choose 90. Choose this leg shape. The doll’s legs are slender and very graceful

If you choose a symmetrical leg shape, then the doll’s legs will be fat and thin, the same

A bowl waist or a more even waist, or a slightly fuller waist, is optional

This depends on the height of your doll

If you choose long legs, and then a bowl waist, then the doll will not look so beautiful

Of course, that’s what we ask when we make a match for you

  • Selection of doll breasts

Flat, small, normal, big, giant

Solid milk/Hollow milk (Jelly breast)

These need to be confirmed by you. Take large breasts for example, you can choose solid or hollow, and there will be differences in feel

Solid is closer to the human touch, hollow and soft and elastic, so how to choose, we usually with real video to give you a direct explanation

  • Separate and be one

If you want your dolls to look integrated, beautiful, and obsessive-compulsive, then there’s nothing wrong with them

If you find cleaning difficult and laborious, then a split body is preferred

  • Standing and not standing

If you like to stand behind, go out for a photo, or take a group photo, then standing is the best choice

If you have foot control and a propensity for foot contact, the off – stand style is preferred