How different are dolls from real people?

First: in terms of the level of appearance, there must be no comparison. Most doll looks levels are very high, mainly divides into the royal elder sister, girl, girl, the young woman, cartoon characters, coser categories, like the current domestic web celebrity, have standard face with delicate features, are made by hand, after all, be well, so the appearance level compared with the ordinary doll are didn’t have to say, to see in the face of s, I vote for the doll.


Secondly: from the body aspect consideration, is also obvious. In Shanghai, guangdong shenzhen, hangzhou and other places, like a figure model, beauty makeup blogger, fitness guru, freelancers, etc., according to incomplete statistics, the price of a is above 3 k, some slightly more famous’ model ‘night around 4 a, (this is the small make up experiences) and with the same perfect figure, slightly better appearance, compact without patients with mm, charming, sexy, interactive, not only the superior, lotus, turntable, appropriate cart, normal position of dolls, need only 3 to 4 k, some slightly more expensive but it is not very suitable for use of silica gel, half year condition without change, isn’t it for demand is bigger, The people who are easy to go to the top are just pie in the sky. Besides, there are some stars, SUCH as DLRB, YM and FBB. I am afraid these people have nothing to do but see on TV.

The usage is not mentioned, as you can imagine, the doll thrown in front of you, even if you no longer know how to deal with it.

So, the difference is not big see you how to think, doll does not have artificial intelligence function at present, cannot achieve interactive communication, but interest aspect and sex need are able to meet, and face real person will have some constraint, after all, not all female partners are very will render atmosphere. Dolls do not need to consider this point, shy will doll eyes to other places, after all, the eyes can be moved, or the head (BIE four sound) in the past, just like dragon master Yin Zhiping.


In addition, based on sex products, not to say, this is like eating, no need to teach, self-learning can be full of wisdom, talk about some other doll lovers, like the pure appreciation of the beauty of dolls, treat it as a work of art, this is also one of the reasons for the existence of dolls. Compared with traditional models, such as human models and leg models, the material is hard and the posture is fixed. After dressing, the beauty and soul of costume design cannot be reflected. The body is immutable, so how can there be emotion? The original intention of fashion design is not only to add temperament and beauty to us, but also to show the artistic conception and soul that designers want to express. It is more appropriate to call them fashion psychologists rather than fashion designers. And the existence of the physical doll just can better cooperate with designers to show the mood and soul they want to express. Smart body shape, proud posture, delicate appearance and soft touch make up our physical dolls, which become effective assistants in the eyes of designers and endue physical dolls with more profound meaning, which cannot be reached as sex toys.

Whatever the purpose of the physical doll, after all, it is not a real person, there are certain differences, the so-called love me and love my dog, what difference does it matter, I like you, we should learn to accept everything about you, not make you change, this is not the love we yearn for?