How The Relationship Transfer in Human-Robot Times?

It was said a sculptor from Cyprus contributes his all life to his career. He failed to seek a loveworthy woman over the course of his lifetime. He should have been lonely forever until he made a woman statue, which is so beautiful and realistic. It seems that he created an ideal partner. He was madly in love with her.

2018-new-sex-doll-sexrealdoll.comThat was called Agalmatophilia. Later, many fetishes kept away from the real woman. The sex doll becomes the object that more and more people crave to. Some companies accept various of requires to customize perfect sex doll for customers. Thanks to the new technology, the advanced craft works are used on the sex doll. Humans can keep the sex doll alive right now. All the reaction will be edited into the program. The sex doll robot will give you response once get the instruction.

New sex doll in 2018It is unpredicted and unclear what the sex doll robot brought in the splendid world. With the sex doll robot, you won’t get any emotional involvement in the complex contacts.

We know the emotions transference was unavoided, then what kind of relationship in human-robot times it will be cannot be predicted.