How does physical doll nurse wig?

After we bought the real doll, the care of the wig was also a very important part. Of course, some of the brothers came up to the dry, do not care about the wig care. But personally, I still think it is better to take good care of the wig, after all, for their own see, hair is very plus things.

Of the likelihood wig that likes to take a picture quite is done, arrange the time that the phone expends is quite much, can often go to nurse of course. When we put the wig on the real doll, we remember to put some talcum powder on the head of the real doll, otherwise the wig will be ugly and troublesome after a long time. Set when pull a good position, too before it becomes non-mainstream,

The queen’s hairline would become very high, and it would be best to comb the wig before putting it on and then put it back on.

If your hair is knotted, wet it with a spray of water and comb it again. Don’t comb it all at once. Grab the top and comb the ends. If your hair is too knotted, just wash it, soak it in water with conditioner and rinse it off. You don’t need to rub it like you would if you washed your own hair. Still feel to put protect hair vegetable better, the hair is very smooth very soft

Dressing up a real doll is a bit of a test of patience, so don’t be impatient.

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