Future robots you can’t imagine

First of all, we must make clear that sexual robots are an inanimate object, at least in the last few decades, the birth of sexual robots. This is a condition for many people that realistic sex dolls cannot be recognized. Especially for countries and regions with conservative ideas, sex dolls are taboo. They believe that God creates men and women for sexual gratification, and that using an inanimate object is immoral. Sexual robots can also be dangerous, and they may be used as agents to perform illusions such as rape and pedophilia.

Helping AIDS patients
As China develops custom smart sex dolls, they can talk, play music and open dishwashers, making the manufacture of sex dolls more and more complicated. The inventors of sex dolls say they can heal loneliness and help older men who lack women. In a country with an adult infection rate of 12.4%, sex dolls can even cope with the spread of AIDS. Men can use sex dolls, which will help reduce AIDS cases.

People are free to choose what they want
Not to treat the disease, choosing a love doll will not deceive yourself, and will always be loyal, not a girl who advocates money. They support sex dolls and only need the social balance of the ethics and rights of robots.