Frequently asked questions about dolls and do’s and don ‘ts

1: can the baby produce oil?

TPE dolls have varying degrees of oil production, not to say oil is a lie. The solution is to hit the powder regularly.

2: how do dolls make powder?

Powder all over your body. Put it on your bed or blanket, not on the carton.

3: what cosmetics do you use to make up your face?

Real people can use makeup.

4: can a doll’s bottom be deformed?

Our doll has a slightly deformed profile under gravity, but it’s not flat.


5: how to put the doll will not tear and tear?

Normal placement will not cause tearing, 90 ° stretching for no more than 3 months, 180 ° stretching for no more than 1 week, and 360 ° stretching for no more than 1 day.

6: how to wash the doll?

Wash with dishwashing liquid or washing powder. Wash, dry and powder.

7: how can a doll not be dyed?

White clothes will not be dyed, colored clothes had better be washed, and wear time is not too long. Take a picture, take it off.

8: how to maintain the doll?

It is best to move the doll on a chair with wheels or on your back or shoulders, but be careful not to scratch the doll. When you pull the joint, fix your hands on both ends of the corresponding joint at a slow speed so as not to damage the joint.