Explanation of the gap between the promotional pictures of the real doll and the real pictures

An explanation of the gap between the propaganda pictures and the real pictures

Many friends who are concerned about our products said that they have seen the pictures displayed on the official website and the real photos taken by the players. They said that they are not of the same level or even far from each other. Here I would like to give an explanation to those friends who don’t know much about taking photos of the real dolls.

Our product display pictures are generally well dressed and combed, and then arrange the background for photography. The effect of the photos is better in terms of lighting and temperament of the doll.

However, users tend to take photos at will and are not willing to take the time to prepare for the shooting. In addition, tpe products are not photoworthy, so many photos can not be compared with the official website.


Generally speaking, there are three main points in shooting a real doll:

First: the matching of the wig. The cooperate of hairstyle and face form is very important, hairstyle and face form match appropriate, can show the person’s character, temperament, and make the person has glamour more, doll is same also so. A little understanding of the friends know that the doll was originally bald, and the wig wearing the good or bad effect on the doll as a whole beautiful!

Second: the influence of light, light is an important means to complete the photography technology, and then achieve the picture art modeling, there is no light there is no image of things! Under normal lighting, a lack of light can distort the skin tone of a photo taken by a real doll, which can be ugly. Only reasonable light, can take a beautiful picture of the real doll.

Third: the influence of dressing up, as the saying goes, people rely on clothes, and the physical doll also needs clothes! The bodily form that adds entity doll itself and normal woman are different, need more attention on dress up, the dress must fit to want appropriate again. Without the right costume, the original beauty of the doll cannot be shown!

Because the product is limited by tpe material itself, our physical dolls need enough care in photography, in order to take beautiful photos. Here please the majority of children friends can understand.


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